Criostal na Rinne

  • The cuts
    The cuts
  • Quality and Luxury combined
    Quality and Luxury combined
  • Inspecting the work
    Inspecting the work
  • Eamonn cutting the shamrock bowl
    Eamonn cutting the shamrock bowl
  • In the workshop
    In the workshop
  • Glass marking
    Glass marking
  • Machine setup
    Machine setup

Welcome to Criostal na Rinne Irish Hand-Cut Crystal Waterford

The best in Irish craft, Criostal na Rinne creates hand-cut crystal to the highest quality and standard in the An Rinn Gaeltacht, Co. Waterford, Ireland. Having started his career with Waterford Crystal, Master Craftsman and designer Eamonn Terry uses artisan methods and over 45 years' experience from his studio workshop in Waterford, Ireland to produce both bespoke and collections of full-lead crystal gift pieces made with deep prismatic cuts in traditional and contemporary designs.


Visit Criostal na Rinne

Would you like to experience unrivalled behind-the-scenes access to a master craftsman creating awe-inspiring hand-cut crystal? Then come to Criostal na Rinne in the An Rinn Gaeltacht for a one-on-one tour with Eamonn Terry, who has more than 45 years of experience in specialist glass-cutting. Enjoy his fascinating historic stories of glassmaking dating back to the 16th century, and hear how he learned his craft at Waterford Crystal. His stories are captivating: the long journey of an apprentice, the time involved in making a piece of art, and the commitment required to become a master glass-cutter.

Now the proud owner of his own crystal studio workshop, Eamonn produces stunning full-lead crystal gifts and would be delighted to create a bespoke piece especially for you! Eamonn’s demonstration of the intricate cutting process is a very personal experience in which he shares his passion for and love of the craft of crystal cutting. He is a wonderful raconteur, whose enthusiasm is catching. So put some sparkle into your life: experience Ireland’s ancient art in Ireland’s Ancient East!