Crystal care

Crystal contains a large proportion of lead oxide which gives it such brilliance and depth, up to 32%. However this also makes the surface soft and delicate. To maintain the quality and sparkle of your crystal follow our crystal care advice.

  • Avoid touching your crystal against other objects which may cause marks and nicks.
  • Keep the crystal pieces standing upright in your cabinet. The rims of crystal glasses are delicate and placing the glasses upside down puts stress on the rim.
  • Wash the crystal by hand to avoid damaging it, rather than in a dishwasher. When washing, use a soft dishtowel and mild dish detergent. Gently wipe each crystal piece with the water and soap mixture, rinse and then dry.
  • Use a consistent water temperature when washing your crystal. Temperature changes can cause the crystal to crack.
  • Use separate lint free cloths for drying and polishing. Steam will make polishing easier, try holding a glass over a steaming (not boiling) pot of water for a few seconds to fog the glass.