Crystal care

The composition of crystal differs from ordinary glass, during the manufacturing process in the furnace before the blank shape is blown, lead oxide is added to the other raw materials of silica sand and pottassium.

This gives your crystal its weight, brilliance and depth compared to ordinary glass. It also means the surface of your crystal can be soft and delicate compared to glass. Therefore to maintain the quality and sparkle of your crystal we recommend you follow our crystal care advice.

  • Avoid striking your crystal against other objects which may cause marks to the piece. 
  • Keep the crystal pieces standing upright in your cabinet. The rims of crystal glasses are delicate and placing the glasses upside down puts stress on the rim.
  • Wash the crystal by hand to avoid damaging it, rather than in a dishwasher. When washing, use a soft dishtowel and mild dish detergent. Gently wipe each crystal piece with the water and soap mixture, rinse and then dry.
  • Use a consistent water temperature when washing your crystal. Temperature changes can cause the crystal to crack.
  • Use separate lint free cloths for drying and polishing.